Progressing Together Level 1 is a discipleship program for new believers to enable them to walk with the Lord, feed themselves on the Word of God and integrate into fellowship with other believers.   Written by experienced workers, this program is also known as the ‘Growth’ courses.It offers 11 courses on key discipleship topics, each containing 5 studies, for a total of 55 lessons.  Ideally they should be used in group study: students start by preparing each lesson as a personal Bible study – this will take 1-2 hours – and then share their discoveries with others and pray together under the guidance of a group leader. The total time needed for the study of one course is around 15 hrs.  As students progress, they grow in spiritual discernment, stability of walk, and ability to disciple others.

A variety of study options are available.  Study groups could meet weekly, once every other week, or intensively—completing a full course of 5 lessons in a weekend or one each evening for a week.  Individual learning options include face-to-face study, distance corresponding and Internet tutoring.  For more information, contact us at [email protected]

To have a look at the course, make sure you have downloaded Adobe Acrobat Reader first.  You will then be able to print the courses and make as many copies as you need.

A leader’s guide is currently available for certain courses.  There is also a Manual for Group Leaders which includes suggested exam essay questions for the final session of each course, as we have found an exam can be motivating and can help the students to internalize what they have learned.  Alternatively, short-answer exam questions are provided for each course in the separate ‘Exams’ file.


Level 1 Courses:

101   Overview of the Bible

102   Walking in the Light

103   The Christian’s Resources

104   The Church

105   Persecution

106   Christian Ethics

107   Christian Relationships

108   The Foundation of our Faith

109   Spiritual Warfare and Occultism

110   Christian Service

111   Forgiveness and Reconciliation